The machinery of Hydomat Tools has extended by an EDM machine.

The new purchase is a Fanuc α -C800iB electrical discharge machine, allowing high precision and speed.  Modern EDM machines stand out with operating reliability, low operating outlays, high durability and long uptime what allows us to save time and to lower unit costs of production whilst maintaining high precision and cutting performance.

The machine is equipped with a measuring probe enabling reference positioning of a part using through and blind holes and allowing aligning the head to a part’s shell.

Hydomat Tools is one of very few toolshops that can proudly say they have such a machine in their machinery stock.

Thanks to the new machine, Hydomat Tools will:

  • increase its capacity of producing parts up to 800mm,
  • improve the operating speed by some 20% in comparison to other machines,
  • shorten the time needed for preparation and reference positioning,
  • improve the quality of surface roughness in comparison to other machines.