of stamping tools
We have own measurement laboratory
We provide tools servicing, spare parts and tools modification
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We have own measurement laboratory
We provide tools servicing, spare parts and tools modification

Who we are

Hydomat Tools is a trusted and valued supplier of stamping tools providing its products to the largest automotive, households, construction and industrial companies.  We specialise in production of progressive stamping dies, transfer stamping dies, single-purpose and fine blanking press tools, trimming dies for aluminium casting moulds and spare parts based on the provided documentation.  We offer professional advisory, design and the highest quality to our clients. There is also a possibility to try out the tools on our presses. We also offer a possibility to manufacture small batches of piece parts.

Thanks to the PAM-stamp simulation software, we can quickly and effectively check the feasibility of pieces and materials and even the whole project.  We also offer co-designing of a piece’s final design. Own measurement laboratory allows us to provide the highest quality of products.

A modern and well-equipped machinery park and over 50-year long experience in tools manufacturing allow us to fully meet our customers’ expectations.

We are a part of the Luma Automation Group associating companies specialising in advanced technologies of production and processing of metals. Apart from Hydomat Tools, the Luma Automation group also includes: Saga Poland – a producer of pieces of aluminium and zinc alloys, Odlewnia Kutno – a producer of grey and ductile cast iron products, Hydomat  and Postęp – producers of pressed parts,  Hydomat Tools – a producer of stamping toolsand Iron Tech –  the leader on the Hungarian market in precision metal parts machining.

Our offer

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We manufacture tools in 100%, from a project to assembly and tests


Complete transfer tool

We have just implemented yet another interesting project – transfer die stamping. Transfer die stamping: 5 tonnes of weight, over 130 mm of deep draw